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Triple Net Leased Property Montclair California Biographies (Bios are in Alphabetical Order; Click Picture to Enlarge) Barry Abrams Barry Abrams in Saigon, at left, with his good friend, John Mikesch. Triple Net Listings. • California •

Everything You Need to Know about 1031 Exchanges!1031 Exchange – Invest in Boston Real Estate for your exchange! – 1031 Exchange. One method that can be used to defer tax in Boston, Massachusetts, is to take advantage of a 1031 exchange as set forth by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

What are the time limits to complete a Section 1031 Deferred Like-Kind Exchange? While a like-kind exchange does not have to be a simultaneous swap of properties, you must meet two time limits or the entire gain will be taxable.

IRC Section 1031 (a)(1) states: "No gain or loss shall be recognized on the exchange of real property held for productive use in a trade or business or for.

1031 exchange in Massachusetts. Peter Groh Investor from Plainville, Massachusetts. I did a 1031 exchange last year. we sold our boston condo and replaced it.

FAQs About 1031 Exchanges. The cost of an exchange varies depending on the circumstance and the type of exchange. A True Swap of properties can be as little as $500.

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Greater Boston Exchange Company, * Exchange several smaller hard to manage properties for one larger easier to manage property. Mechanics of a 1031 Exchange:

1031 EXCHANGES FOR DUMMIES. The first requirement for a 1031 exchange. If you have not entered into a contract by midnight of the 45th a list of properties.

State Capital Gains Rates, Income Tax Rates, and 1031 Exchange Investment Opportunities

Division of Professional Licensure -Overview of RE27RC07: 1031 Tax. I. WHAT IS A 1031 EXCHANGE?. B. Applies to business use and investment properties. C.

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Post 1031 | 1031 Exchange Property Real Estate Listing Site. – POST 1031: Free property listings viewed by active 1031 Exchange investors looking for their next purchase. Brokers, clients and FSBO access national listings.

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A tax-deferred exchange is a valuable investment tool that allows you to dispose of investment properties and acquire 'like-kind' properties while deferring federal capital gains taxes and depreciation recapture.